SkilfulSaaS Marketing Automation Software

Designed Exclusively for Management Consultants and Business Transformation Advisors




For Clients Who Want to Do it Themselves with support to Reduce Costs (DIY)

$1500 p/m monthly in advance

What’s Included:

  • Generate lead magnet with our templates and guidance.
  • Develop sales funnel, compose nurture emails, and set up automation. 
  • Configure Calendar, sales pipeline, and reminders in Marketing Automation Software.
  • Monthly addition of 1,000 self-selected leads with automated outbound emails.
  • Write and optimize weekly blog with SEO; create hosting site or use your own.
  • Full access to SkilfulSaaS (Marketing Automation Software) features.


Lead Generator:

Setup Fee: $2,000 (Refundable*) to initiate the program
+ $200 per booked appointment


Elevate Your Marketing If You Want it Done With You (DWY)

$3000 p/m – monthly in advance

Includes Everything in STANDARD plus:

  • LinkedIn outreach via your profile, with profile enhancement.
  • Personalized lead magnet creation, including artwork if needed.
  • Craft weekly blog from your notes and art, optimize for SEO (up to 3 keywords).
  • Localized 5-mile radius campaign setup: SEO landing page, GMB, Bing, chat, social media.
  • Establish SkilfulSaaS Reputation and Customer Rating Services: GMB, Facebook, Trustpilot, website.
  • Absolute Automation – setup of Evergreen Webinar for automated sales process
  • Sales Training Course + 1-to-1 coaching to massively improve Sales Conversion

Lead Generator Setup Fee: $2,000 (Refundable*) to initiate the program. + $200 per booked appointment

Who We Help:

Consulting Firms who want a predictable and proven client acquisition system

They typically:

  • Really want to help people, but don’t have enough people to talk to.
  • Sometimes they get a lot of clients from their network, then suddenly very few.
  • Their process of making sales takes long.
  • They wish for steady and regular growth in their business & financial stability.
  • Have had bad experiences with companies that promised to help get clients, but didn’t.

Our Promise:

You are about to get the system thats getting consultants 10-50+ qualified appointments every single month. The best part is… you will never have a Feast and Famine Revenue Cycle again. Plus, if we dont do it, we dont get paid, as we work on a pay on results guarantee.

Warning: This is not for solo consultants who can only handle a few clients / aren’t looking to grow or those unwilling to work for results.

Our Strategy:

  1. Build your offer as per our instructions: we’ll audit your businesses offer.
  2. Create Sales Videos for our Email Campaigns: we will provide the Scripts to create it.
  3. Build a show-up machine: we’ll install our proven show-up system.
  4. Follow up 6-9 times with every prospect: we’ll use our system to prompt you and give you scripts of what to say in each follow up + we can help you hire a VA to do it for you.
  5. Do every sales call with our template: We can help you get a commission based closer to close more deals if needed and improve your sales process to make more money with less leads.
  6. Create 1 Blog Post and nurture email per week for your nurture list: We’ll help you create 52 of the emails and the blogs with our AI system.

The Onboarding Experience

Onboarding Duration: 6 weeks of comprehensive DWY onboarding.


  • Engage in our weekly program using our onboarding questionnaires and videos.
  • Benefit from one-to-one online personalized meetings.
  • Participate in offer creation workshops to carve out your perfect offer.
  • Landing page and sales funnel creation using SkilfulSaaS’s Content Management System (CMS).

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Defined:

  • An SQL is a prospective customer that has been researched and vetted — first by an organization’s marketing department and then by its sales team – and is deemed ready for the next stage in the sales process.

Your Investment and Guarantee:

  • The upfront setup fee of $2,000 is refundable* and covers the generation of your first 5 sales leads. Following this, each SQL will incur a cost of $200.

Conditional Money-Back Guarantee:

  • If after three months and upon completion of all onboarding tasks, we haven’t generated at least 5 new sales meetings, you can claim back the $2,000 setup fee.

*Note: Refund of the setup fee is conditional per the terms stated above.

Ready to amplify your marketing efforts and drive real results?

Client Experience

"The Skilful Pursuit program has been enlightening, extremely impactful to the business, and even transformational in professional and personal growth."
Giulio Airaga
Managing Director of Desco
"Dudley’s Skilful Pursuit system, guidance and expertise has made a significant difference to our business. It has fundamentally changed how we do what we do."
Shaun Evertse
CEO of Eazybranch

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